Executive Team

Richard Marsh

Chief Operating Officer

As Client Operations Officer and a member of the finova Exec, I drive to deliver successful client outcomes every day.


Richard Marsh

As the Chief Operating Officer and a member of the finova Executive team, my focus is on driving the delivery of successful client outcomes every day. I am a highly motivated technology business leader with a strong attention to detail and a technical background. Over the years, I have worked across various disciplines, including the corporate arena, IT-centric start-ups, and most recently, I've spent 6 years in the fintech space.

I take pleasure in leveraging a variety of technologies and integrating them into delivered services, addressing challenges and propelling progress. Clients often commend my ability to take technical concepts and articulate them at the appropriate level. I find satisfaction in building and nurturing client relationships, maintaining a commercial focus and thriving in the realm of technology that delivers.

In my role at finova, I am responsible for overseeing the 'Run the Banks' function, collaborating closely with our 60+ clients.

Past experience

I have worked in the fintech space for the last 6+ years, collaborating with organisations to mobilise technology stacks, enabling them to become banks and achieve regulatory authorisation. With exposure to multiple technologies, I am well-positioned to provide SaaS services to our clients and drive the organisation's Managed Services and Cloud Operations functions. I approach this role from the perspective of being a former client. Previously in my career, I steered a small Managed Services Provider through 5 years of growth, resulting in a 5X increase in revenue while maintaining strong financial KPIs. My experience spans various technology sectors, including collaboration with Formula 1 teams, challenger banks and various disciplines in between. Previous roles include stints at large software organisations such as Autonomy (now owned by HP) and tech start-ups like Blinkx and Rythm, taking them from inception to IPO.

I am a target-driven individual with a keen commercial eye. I have enjoyed learning through corporate experience and applying that knowledge in startup and SME environments. Working in private equity has provided the perfect balance for me. I interact with our investors daily, measuring and driving the business to success here at finova. I have architected business forecasts and financial plans, including 5-year growth strategies, successfully executing these strategies before joining finova.

I thrive on building colleague and client relationships, firmly believing that these relationships are critical to driving successful business outcomes.