Many businesses face data related problems

Graphic saying 48%
of businesses are still struggling to use and access quality data as underlying technology is failing to deliver
* According to research conducted by ESG

Data quality is the foundation of many business initiatives. Without effective data management, businesses are unable to gain necessary insights or perform required business tasks.

  • Time is wasted consolidating data from disparate sources
  • Teams are unable to collaborate effectively between departments  
  • Poor data quality provides poor insights
  • Unconsolidated data causes delayed decision-making and results

Data your business can rely on

Utilising a single source of truth and aggregating data from multiple sources to a single location, guarantees that all business personnel can access the relevant data from a trusted centralised location when required. It also ensures that everyone in an organisation makes informed decisions using the same data.

finova Broker ID screenshot on a desktop with a man looking at it

The benefits of adopting a single source of truth

Improve your operational efficiency
Reduce time spent validating multiple data sources
Enhance customer engagement
No duplicate data entries or version control issues
Increase revenue
Successful decision-making
Improve data and intelligence
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Know your customer

Broker ID is your single source of truth for broker insight

finova’s Broker ID combines multiple data sources to provide a single source of truth for valuable insight into your intermediaries and their brokers.

Save your business time and money with a holistic single customer view.

Access in-depth data on authorised firms and individuals

Screenshot of the Broker ID platform

Quick access to historical searches

Screenshot from the BrokerID platform

Detailed company information from the FCA

Screenshot from the BrokerID platform

FCA Individual Persons - Detailed individual data on approval status

Screenshot from the BrokerID platform

Companies House data to understand your intermediaries’ business footprint

Screenshot of the Broker ID platform

Access in-depth data on authorised individuals

Screenshot of the Broker ID platform
key data

Access in-depth data on authorised firms and individuals from a single, easy-to-use platform

FCA Icon


FCA data on authorisation, business controllers, networks and relationships of firms and individuals.

Companies House Icon

Companies House

Understand your intermediaries’ business footprint.

Social Medi Icon

Social Media & Web Data

Instant access to broker websites, social media channels and online presence.

FCA Icon

FCA Individual Persons

Detailed individual data on approval status.

Credit Safe Icon
Coming soon

Credit Safe

Visual key risk indicators and detailed company information to conduct thorough due diligence.

ico Icon

Information Commissioner's Office

Ensure your brokers are GDPR compliant.

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Who benefits from Broker ID

Onboarding & Case verification

Reduce the number of manual checks
Simplify and streamline the onboarding process
Confidence that the data is accurate and up-to-date
Proactively manage your panel
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A woman presenting a marketing meeting in front of a flipboard


Easy access to information relating to firms for direct marketing opportunities
Integration into Intermediary Manager (coming soon)
Fully understand your customer base

Risk & Compliance

Confidently make risk-based decisions
Proactively monitor high risk firms and individuals
Notifications in change of status or risk
Easy access into company information and financials
Two business people's hands ponting to a checklist and tapping into a calculator
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New Business Development

Get to know broker firms before contact
Understand how many brokers are linked to firm
Understand past connections

IT & Data management

Minimise concerns over GDPR
Improve data retention
Reduce data proliferation
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Know your customer with deeper insights from Broker ID

Protect your business by knowing theirs

Make sure you know who you’re working with all the latest data.

Manage your data easily

A single intuitive online interface built just for you.

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Helping you access the latest data and minimising risk

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Coming soon

Innovative new features coming to finova Broker ID

Ability to track firms and individuals and receive automated updates when there is a change to their FCA status. No longer rely on time consuming manual checks.
Connect to your systems seamlessly and securely and automate your processes by accessing the data you need when you need it.
Know your business checks
Verify and monitor companies with UK and international business checks and individual consumer checks, including insolvency, finance, credit scoring and confidence level
PEP and sanction checks
Check if a company has been sanctioned or if a politically exposed person is connected to the company
ID verification
Seamlessly verify identity documents to reduce the chance of fraud and help protect your business.
Adverse media search and monitoring
Improve your risk screening and gain a clearer view of high-risk firms and individuals with comprehensive adverse information, all in one place
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The FCA Register Extract Service

Spectrum Data Management (SDM) have supplied the FCA register extract in its various forms since the Financial services act of 1986 and have supplied the extract electronically since 2002. Today hundreds of clients download the product for compliance and marketing purposes.

Access the FCA Register and its full list of financial service companies and individuals electronically via the web or FTP more easily and more securely.

Sasha Sprake headshot
Sasha Sprake
Head of Business Development - finova Connect
Your business partner

Sasha Sprake

Sasha Sprake is Head of Business Development for finova Connect and has been working within the Financial Services industry, primarily within fintech, since 21.

Sasha has a passion for driving change and improvement within the industry, utilising her knowledge of technology alongside her experience working closely with both Lenders and Brokers to identify current pain points and provide solutions.

Protect your business by knowing theirs, with Broker ID