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Technology to compete in an evolving market 

We aspire to be the most recommended technology partner in the lending and savings market

The mortgages and savings market in the UK is complex. Our vision is to be the most recommended technology partner and we do this by providing services and solutions that simplify, streamline and enable lenders and brokers to meet the needs of their customers and partners.

Whether you are a lender or a broker, with our Core Banking Platform, Broker Platform and finova Connect solutions, we are uniquely positioned to support your business no matter your size or scale.

Trusted Partner

#1 Mortgage and Savings technology provider in the UK

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Open Architecture

Open by design, enabling faster, secure integration to your eco-system

finova has created a suite of solutions that have been developed to co-exist within the modern open architectures that we see today. There are a few key principles that underpin this open architecture:

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Be simple to integrate with
Our solutions expose modern RESTful APIs that facilitate the ease of third party integration, this includes exposing our APIs to orchestration services such as Zapier in the form of easily configurable Zaps
API for Life Icon
APIs are for life, not just for show
Our architecture is built upon the same APIs that your eco-system will interact with, they are not just a façade over the services we choose. Integration between the finova components uses the same patterns, APIs and data payloads that you will use, ensuring that your ecosystem is seamlessly integrated into our services, just like our own
Events Icon
Events make everything democratic
The event manager concept within our solutions mean that everyone can be informed the moment something happens, with the associated data payloads to allow them to react in their own way, without recourse to the system publishing the event
Mask Complexity Icon
Mask that complexity
Often open architected systems can just expose everything, leaving the consumer to reconstruct how the APIs should be called, we mask this through business consumable APIs to simplify any integration
Data Icon
Data is key
The safe and secure management, transport and audit of data into and out of the system is a primary principle
API First Icon
API first
With our newer systems, we lead with an API first design principle to ensure that our systems are as open as possible

The mechanisms and patterns for integration come and go, we have created an architecture that is able to insulate our systems and any consuming services through that by providing API Gateways into and out of the system that can flex as the business and technical demands change

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Paraag Dave

Executive Chairman

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Chris Little

Chief Revenue Officer

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Jenny Chu

Chief Finance Officer

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Richard Marsh

Chief Operating Officer

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Rowan Clayton

Product Director

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Matt Dokelman

Transformation Director

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Andrew Cumming

Delivery Director

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David Loveday

Head of Engineering

Product & Architecture
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Matt Oxley

Propositions Director

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Mark Bateman

Engineering Director

Sales and business Development
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John Tilzey

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Matt Harrison

Sales Director Broker Channel

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Neil Jackson

Director of Application Management 

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Tom Bailey

Financial Controller

Our solutions

Open to opportunity

finova provides the most comprehensive suite of modular, open-architecture solutions to help lenders and brokers enhance operations, support products, and improve the customer experience.

Lender software
Empower your lending business

Discover our range of fully configurable, customer-centric solutions designed to give you control of your lending software. Covering mortgage origination, savings and back-office servicing, see how our solutions can drive efficiency for your business.

Broker Platform
One platform to run your business

All you need for a better broking business. Attract and convert customers with our digital front-end; process applications efficiently with the industry’s broadest range of case management, CRM and integration capabilities.

finova Connect
Connecting the industry

We bring the industry together with an increasing range of solutions connecting mortgage intermediaries with lenders including: payments of intermediary procurement fees and broker verification services to ensure lenders are FCA compliant.

What our clients say

“We joined finova’s new Payment and Processing Package as it just made sense. We get faster more regular payments and we earn more for the same level of business.”

“Being new to the DA realm, we couldn’t have asked for more support/assistance! The information, BDM introductions and the team’s efficiency have streamlined this transition process far more than we could have expected! Ben & the team are amazing! Thank you for your support!”

- Julie Carty, Mortgage Matters LTD

"Everyone I’ve had the pleasure of working with at finova have been nothing short of astonishing. Bending over backwards to assist with business queries and beyond. Their systems and processes are head and shoulders above the competition and have far exceeded my sky-high expectations."

- Umair Afzal, Umari Finance Group

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