One platform to run your business

Take control of your banking software with finova’s core banking SaaS platform (Apprivo²) designed to improve your speed to market – faster implementations and faster on-going change.


One SaaS platform with the broadest range of financial products available on the market

Our award-winning software covers all origination and lifetime servicing requirements for the widest selection of financial products including:


Residential, B2L, Company

Equity Release

Lifetime lending, retirement interest only

Specialist Lending

Commercial Real Estate, Bridging Lending


Savings, Deposits accounts, ISA, Junior ISA

The platform is a SaaS based banking system designed to give back control to financial institutions.  
Self-configure the system to meet your rules, affordability and product needs without the need to plan, pay for or wait for lengthy change cycles.

Launch new product to your customers and make changes to the system when you want and as quickly as you want.

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Broker Portal
Research Tools
finova Broker Portal and Research Tools Screens on devices

Engage your brokers and drive distribution

Brokers drive over 80%+ of mortgage applications and your broker portal is the window to your business.

Grow your business by empowering your brokers with a modern and efficient portal that makes it easy to generate an ESIS, submit applications and send mortgage offers

Research Tools

finova’s research tools help brokers understand the affordability and eligibility criteria of your portfolio of financial products, while also reducing the burden of inbound call to your distribution teams.

Intermediary Manager
Intermediary Management

From onboarding to broker engagement, communications and marketing.

Find out how we can help you improve your customer relationships.

finova CRM Screenshot on Mobile Device Screenshots on a Desktop and Laptop
Full hierarchy reporting: Giving full visibility of business levels at Network, Firm and Adviser level
Onboarding member firms: Manage the onboarding of new firms and individuals through fully configurable workflow​s
Relationship Management: Record all key details and important information for all intermediaries and partners​
Business Intelligence​: Visual display of key metrics and KPIs with fully configurable BI widgets
Activity Management​: Automatic scheduling of visits in-line with service propositions
Security and Usability: Protect your intermediary records with bank grade security for peace of mind and GDPR compliance
Find out how our we can help you improve your customer relationships.
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First impressions count: Engage your borrowers and savers

From mobile apps, streaming services, social media, online shopping and even current account management from major high street lenders, borrowers and savers are used to modern, sophisticated and intuitive experiences in their daily lives. They want the same from their mortgage and saving services.

Our platform engages consumers with a user-friendly experience accessible on the web, mobiles and tablets.

This will be the first time the consumer engages with you – make it count.

Broker Adviser Applications Icon

Broker Adviser Applications

Although brokers account for 80%+ of mortgage applications, direct consumer engagement is increasingly important. From taking payments for mortgage fees to, electronic ID verification, document signing and open banking, every touch point matters. Our collaboration tools ensure a great experience for consumers whether they apply to you directly or via brokers.

Onboarding Icon

Onboarding Software

Prequalify new customers using a dynamic online form and drive efficiency for your in-house mortgage advisory team.

Execution Only Icon

Execution Only Applications

Developed for direct-to-consumer applications, enable your consumers with our digital user experience to manage and submit their application directly to you.

finova Onboarding screens on mobile device
Conversational style interface to drive high completion rates
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Collaboration Tools

Reduce time to offer

Mortgages can take weeks or even months to process. A major driver of this delay is the back-and-forth between lender, broker and borrower.

finova’s collaboration tools reduce the friction between parties by using modern technology to securely collect, track and share information for a fast, effective and seamless application process.

finova Collaboration Tools Diagram between Borrower, Broker and Lender

Eliminate delays waiting for the post

Electronic ID Verification

Instantly ensure compliance and keep the process moving

Open Banking

Facilitate affordability checks and enhance customer experiences

Straight Through Processing

Saves brokers’ time and avoiding delays and errors from re-keying data

Find out how our collaboration tools can help reduce your time to offer.
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Underwriting engine

Process applications with the market leading underwriting engine

finova’s SaaS banking platform is a full underwriting system with market leading self-service and self-configuration capabilities.

A couple shaking hands and smiling at their broker
Case management: Full case managment for underwriting
Agile Kanban board to track case and manage workflow
Workflow and task management to manage your team activities
Rules engine for all affordability and eligibility requirements
Document engine to control all your documents creation and changes
Product engine to define , implement and launch your own product
finova’s SaaS banking platform screenshot on a desktop computer

With our powerful core banking platform, lenders can react in the market quicker than their competitors.

Selected quotes from Executives at three different core banking customers:

"I can create and launch a product myself, even if my staff are not here"
“The speed of launching new products to market is amazing”
“You can sell the rules engine on its own, it’s so powerful”

Create your own ecosystem

Integrate into your world with our open-architecture platform. finova seamlessly connects to any technology of your choice. Our existing integrations are expanding all the time, and the architecture means you can integrate to anything

finova Core Banking Integrations Diagram
Learn how our core banking platform can integrate with your existing systems.
Learn more about
our open architecture
the different parts of the in-life service solutions

Run an efficient back-office with integrated in-life servicing platform

Our servicing solution enables effortless, full lifetime management of mortgages, equity release, specialist lending and savings products.

Find out how our in-life service solutions can help you.

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Go to market quicker with the finova mortgage & savings mobile app

In this new era of digital banking, a robust mobile banking app is needed more than ever before.


Keep your customers
for longer

Post Contract Variation (PCV)

finova’s capabilities allow you to efficiently process changes to existing mortgage product terms before the end of the mortgage period.
Process complex changes for your borrowers efficiently through automated workflows.

Our servicing software supports a wide range of post-contract variation transactions such as:

Move home or port mortgage

Move home, port products

Material change, transfer of equity, product switch

Retention Marketing Module

Engage your customers before the end of their product deal by using our automated marketing module. Drive increased renewal rates through personalised emails.

finova Retention Marketing Email Screenshot on Mobile Device
Open Architecture

Designed to fit into your business

finova’s Core Banking Platform is built to simplify connections to third-party software and your existing technologies. Our open architecture ensures seamless integration with your systems and services.

What our clients say

"We were very impressed with the powerful and customisable Apprivo² platform. The new system will help us further improve our service experience for demanding customers and brokers with complex needs. It represents a step change into the future and keeps us at the forefront of our market place."

"It was important that we used software house that not only understood the market in which we operate, but had an excellent grasp of the complex processes involved to underwrite cases and to interface with multiple third party systems."

Take control of your banking software