Empower your lending business with finova

Discover our range of fully configurable, customer-centric solutions designed to give you control of your lending software.


Our cutting-edge lender solutions offer fully configurable software, ensuring you can rapidly adapt to market demands.

Launch new products with ease and enhance the overall customer experience for borrowers, savers and brokers alike. Explore our comprehensive suite of solutions that cover the entire mortgage and savings’ product lifecycle.

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Elevate your lending operations

Fully configurable
Self-configure our software to match your rules, criteria and product specifications
Self-serve changes
Make system changes quickly and efficiently. No lengthy change cycles - adapt instantly to market demands
Customer-centric experience
Empower borrowers, savers and brokers with modern, intuitive platforms
Modern tech stack
Stay ahead with technology that aligns with the expectations of today's borrowers and brokers

Solutions for

Mortgage lenders

Residential, buy-to-let, company

Equity release lenders

Lifetime lending, retirement interest-only

Specialist lenders

Commercial real estate, bridging

Savings providers

Savings, deposit accounts, ISAs


Tailored solutions for every need


Our state-of-the-art originations platform

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finova Servicing

One platform to manage your business

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finova Savings

A digital-first savings solution for the modern world

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Intermediary Manager

Effortlessly manage your intermediary relationships

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Broker ID

Your single source of truth for broker insight

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Mobile App

Empower your customers with finova’s mortgage and savings app

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Empowering the future of lending

Optimo’s revolutionary decision engine empowers lenders to make faster, well-informed decisions, optimise product offerings, and enhance time-to-market for new pricing strategies.


Create your own ecosystem

Our list of integrations continues to grow, giving you the flexibility to connect with any solution of your choice.


Open banking and regulatory reporting

Customer onboarding

Card payments

Payment processing

Intermediary compliance and e-signatures

Learn how our lender software can integrate with your existing systems.
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our open architecture

Unparalleled expertise, unrivalled innovation

For over 25 years, we’ve been creating solutions designed to empower lenders to take control of their lending software. And as seasoned experts with years of industry experience, we understand the unique challenges lenders face. Our commitment to redefining lending experiences sets us apart. Discover why choosing finova is not just a choice; it's a strategic advantage backed by years of proven expertise.

Why finova

What our clients say

"We were very impressed with the powerful and customisable Apprivo platform. The new system will help us further improve our service experience for demanding customers and brokers with complex needs. It represents a step change into the future and keeps us at the forefront of our marketplace."

"It was important that we used software house that not only understood the market in which we operate, but had an excellent grasp of the complex processes involved to underwrite cases and to interface with multiple third-party systems."


Frequently asked questions

Will I get support to migrate from any existing systems?

Absolutely. We provide expert support for seamless migration from any existing systems to our solution. With extensive experience in the mortgage and savings industry, our team is here to ensure a smooth and successful transition from legacy systems.

Do you support open banking?

Yes, our solutions are crafted with the modern-day consumer in mind, including robust support for open banking.

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes. Our solutions, designed for the contemporary consumer, feature a mobile mortgage and savings app. This enables your customers to manage their accounts conveniently from the palm of their hand. Learn more about the finova Mortgage and Savings Mobile App.

Do your solutions support execution-only applications?

Yes. Our solutions include functionality to support execution-only applications, empowering consumers with a seamless digital experience to manage and submit their applications directly to you.

Do your solutions support direct-to-consumer applications?

Absolutely. While brokers handle a significant portion of mortgage applications, we understand the rising importance of direct consumer engagement. From handling mortgage fees to electronic ID verification, document signing and open banking, our collaboration tools ensure a positive experience for consumers, whether they apply directly or through a broker.

Take control of your lending software