eKeeper and Burrow rebrand to finova Broker Platform

March 7, 2023
November 8, 2021
  • Rebrand follows years of significant investment in the platform 
  • Recent innovation has resulted in an 80% growth in the platform’s user base 

Fintech provider finova, formally DPR Group, today announces the rebrand of eKeeper and Burrow to finova Broker Platform - offering brokers a range of digital solutions to enhance their efficiency as well as their customer experience.  

finova’s SaaS cloud platform has undergone a period of considerable innovation, leading to 80% growth in new users over the last 2 years. Currently, the platform serves over 3000 users across 680 broker firms of varying sizes.  

The finova Broker Platform provides brokers with a range of modules that support the end-to-end customer journey from onboarding to retentions: 

  1. Customer Onboarding module: a tool designed to attract new customers and make their onboarding process as seamless and efficient as possible 
  2. Digital Qualification services for credit checks and AML: streamline customer qualifications with instant credit checks and anti-money laundering checks. 
  3. Case Management & CRM: manage and engage with customers all in one place with finova’s highly configurable CRM solution. With customisable products and workflows, full management information suite, communication tools to keep customers fully informed of case progress and cloud-based storage with all data and documents securely stored on a bank grade infrastructure – it has been designed to suit every broker’s needs. 
  4. Client portal: an online module which enables brokers and customers to collaborate on their application, with all relevant documentation stored in one place and easily modifiable 
  5. Customer Retention Module: Using marketing automation, the module engages with consumers during the initial term of their mortgage and prompts them to renew through a timely stream of personalised emails. 

David Bennett, Commercial Director at finova comments: 

“In the last two years we have strived to improve the quality of this product, from integrating several valuable features to making the platform as accessible as possible. We are pleased to see our efforts result in a large boost in new sales, as well as a strong retention, which we hope to continue as we move forwards as finova. 

 “Having already delivered new onboarding tools, client portals and retention solutions, work is already underway on single sign-on and verification services, all of which will be integrated to the existing solution. By innovating to create value, we aim to support businesses in the mortgage and savings market, regardless of their scope or size.”