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Increase your retention rates with better customer engagement

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of customers who receive reminder emails are influenced to stay with their mortgage broker

The Retention Marketing Module engages with customers throughout their mortgage deal with complementary products; and also towards the end of their deal prompting them to renew through a stream of ecommerce-like personalised emails.

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The easier way to retain customers

Increase retention​

Automatic deal end reminders and tailored mortgage renewal options.

Personalised service​

Improve customer relationships with personalised, automated emails and contact tracking.

More opportunities​

Increase cross-selling opportunities and average revenue per user.​

Start keeping your customers for longer
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Digital tools for seamless automation

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User-friendly dashboard
Mortgage rate monitoring
Customisable branded emails
Automated cross-selling
Personalised product reports
Pre-populated forms

What our clients say

“Everything I do now is designed to free up as much of my time as possible. I chose the finova CRM with its built-in automation so that it frees me up to do the things that I’m best at.”

“Since switching from an old CRM system to finova Broker CRM it has been a breath of fresh air! The system is great and easy to use.The features on it make every day working much more easier and quicker! Overall it’s a great system and would highly recommend.”

Integrate your retention marketing with finova’s broker solutions  

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