Employee Spotlight in Celebration of International Women's Day

March 11, 2024
March 8, 2024

As we celebrate International Womens Day, we've reached out to our diverse team at finova to gain insight into what International Women's Day means to them.

Below, we'll delve into their perspectives, experiences, and reflections, shedding light on this global celebration of women's achievements.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

International Women's Day is a celebration of the resilience, achievements, and contributions of women across the world. It’s a reminder of the importance of amplifying women's voices, recognising their diverse experiences, and advocating for their rights. International Women's Day inspires me to continue supporting and empowering women, both personally and professionally.  

Mary Momodu, Facilities Manager

What woman inspires you most and why?

As a (not so) new mum, I’m constantly inspired by the everyday resilience and strength of women around me. From balancing work and family to overcoming challenges with grace, women everywhere inspire me with their unwavering determination and unwavering ability to thrive despite obstacles. While I don't have a singular example, this International Women's Day I celebrate the incredible women who embody strength, resilience and perseverance in their daily lives.

Sasha Sprake, Head of Business Development

What will be the biggest challenge for the generation of women behind you?

I think the biggest challenge the next generation could face is the balance between family aspirations, returning to the office, and meeting male standards. Women are equally as smart and able but physical limitations come into play, especially with childbirth, recovery, and childcare demands.

The pressure to maintain an impossible standard continues, despite strides for equality. Instead of aiming for equality, we should prioritise equity, providing tailored support for diverse gender needs, including childbirth, menopause, PMS, and other issues.

Jessica Condon, Business Analyst

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is Inspire Inclusion -, what does this mean to you?

Inspire Inclusion - a topic close to the heart of many working parents, including myself. As a mother of two young children, I have always needed to work part-time. While I've been fortunate enough to maintain my career while balancing my family life, I’m painfully aware that part-time working is still not supported by many companies, both big and small.

If we want to truly inspire inclusion, we need to tell our story and be open to allowing flexible working. Employers who do not offer flexible working are missing out on a whole talent pool of very talented working parents! It's time to open our eyes, move forward, and encourage inclusion.

Let's work together to inspire change, and make sure that every employee feels valued, supported, and included - regardless of their personal circumstances.

Sarah Owen, Talent Acquisition Manager

Why is equality so important?

Equality in the context of work means providing an opportunity for women to be treated the same as men when it comes to job opportunities, salary and decision making, to mention a few.  Ensuring equal opportunities and fair treatment not only empowers women, but also contributes to a more inclusive workplace and contributes to social and economic progress.

Giulia Gambina, People Business Partner

What challenges have you faced (if any) as a woman, entering the tech industry?

My gender has never been an issue for me within the financial services or software industries, and luckily, I've not faced any gender-related stereotyping which has hindered me from progressing with my career. For the most part, I've found it really empowering to have a slightly different perspective to some of my male counterparts.

I do believe that, overall, most people consider women to be less technically proficient than men and more suited to non-technical or soft roles, but I’m really proud to be a financial services senior leader, who also happens to be a woman, and I thoroughly enjoy my job and my interactions with my colleagues.

Jill Dickinson, Head of Service Management

As we wrap up this reflection on International Women's Day, let's continue to uplift and support women in all walks of life, ensuring that every voice is heard, and every achievement celebrated.