finova enhances Broker CRM with Sail Will’s will writing facility

Matt Harrison
September 13, 2023
September 11, 2023

finova, the UK’s largest cloud-based mortgage and savings software provider, has partnered with Sail Will’s, the digital will-writing service, to incorporate its self-service will templates into finova’s Broker CRM.  

Intermediaries using finova's fully customisable Broker CRM software will now benefit from access to Sail Will’s self-serve will-writing templates. The templates will sit within the system, allowing brokers to share it with customers at any point in their mortgage journey.  

Given that only 44% of UK adults have made a will, finova has partnered with Sail Will’s to encourage brokers to have these conversations with borrowers early on in the homebuying process. When writing a will, a key concern is establishing – the distribution of your assets- deciding who has the legal right to someone’s property, money, and possessions when they die. This is especially important for joint buyers who need to clearly outline the distribution of assets following the passing of a co-owner.  

Through Sail Will’s self-serve form, brokers can help their customers establish how these assets will be distributed and who will help them to achieve that through the probate process. Having an active and up-to-date will that enables their executors to understand how to distribute the borrower’s property equity according to their wishes is key. Although probates can typically take 12 months to complete, Sail Probate averages 6-9 months, allowing brokers to offer their customers a more efficient, less daunting experience.  

Intermediaries who use finova’s Broker Software can also offer this service at a discount, and a portion of the fee will be paid to the broker in the event of a successful discussion.  

Matt Harrison, Director of Sales - Broker Channel, at finova, comments:

When brokers touch base with customers looking for the right mortgage product, a key question is always: “Do you have a will?”. As the sobering findings from The National Wills Report reflect, the answer is often no, leaving many putting their property at risk if the worst happens.  

“finova is committed to expanding its broker services to ensure they can guide their clients toward a strong financial plan, whether that’s when they first purchase a home, remortgage or product transfer. By enabling brokers to offer self-serve options at reasonable prices, Sail Probate will empower them to make recommendations that satisfy the Consumer Duty’s requirement to put the client’s immediate needs first at every available opportunity”.

Gemma Pitman at Sail Wills , added:

For many, the act of writing a will seems like a daunting or even unnecessary task. However, having a definitive will in place is not an optional extra. It’s a necessary document to support the person looking after one’s financial affairs after they pass away. Crucially, it also gives the holder something priceless: peace of mind. We are proud to partner with finova to offer our speedy and efficient services to brokers at a reasonable and market-beating price. Homeowners deserve security, and by making it easier for brokers to guide their customers towards constructing a will, our hope is that more people will take this responsibility serious and view it as an integral part of the homebuying process.”  

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