BEP Systems supports Paragon’s new Mortgage Broker Portal

Chris Little
April 16, 2024
February 23, 2017

Paragon Group has a new cloud-based mortgage broker portal platform which has been created by BEP Systems (now known as finova).

The portal is based on BEP’s modular Apprivo system and will enable Paragon to provide an intuitive web-based service allowing brokers to submit mortgage applications in a simple and effective way.

With offices in Manchester and London, BEP Systems works with a range of fintech companies to provide both customer-facing and back office financial system solutions that lead to efficiency savings and support revenue growth.

Chris Little, Managing Director of BEP Systems, said:

“The BEP lending portal for Paragon is a powerful platform that will empower Paragon to rapidly roll out products to the broker market.

“It provides an easy to use, broker-friendly front end, coupled with a fully compliant, intuitive Paragon underwriter back end.”

Alec Marsh, Director of Change Management at Paragon, added:

“BEP has provided great guidance, assisting us in implementing the new web-based front end to support the launch and development of our first and second charge, owner-occupied, residential lending products.”

BEP’s Apprivo2 system can process loans and other applications, track cases in real time, submit information and documents and carry out affordability assessments.

Customers can view their balance and make account enquiries, transfer money and make payments and the system provides transparent management information.

Apprivo2 can be fully branded and customised for mortgage lenders, so it looks like part of their existing system. It can be deployed as an underwriting system, broker portal, consumer portal and investor portal

It is a cloud first, modular platform so different modules can be added as needed, making it fully flexible, customisable and expandable.

Apprivo2 can sit alongside a lender’s existing systems so that their systems can connect into the Apprivo2 suite of products without breaching any firewalls.

Chris Little is Commerical Director at finova, looking after the business’ corporate strategy for lending and banking solutions