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As a thank you for using our Broker CRM system, we’ve given you a free 60-day trial of the finova Client Portal, which is available for you to use now in your finova CRM!

With a range of intuitive features, the finova Client Portal helps your business remove manual processes and collaborate more with new applicants, quicker than ever before.  

Adviser and customer tasks are displayed clearly on a user-friendly dashboard – which promotes improved customer engagement and a fast, efficient process. Best of all, the Client Portal seamlessly integrates with your existing finova Broker CRM.

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the finova Client Portal

Discover the innovative features of the finova Client Portal

Easily view and manage your tasks to be completed for each case

Screenshot of the finova Client Portal

Save time and reduce paper use with digital document upload

Screenshot of the finova Client Portal

Get the information you need from applicants with in-depth digital fact find

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Process cases more efficiently and keep an audit trial with time stamped e-signatures

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“The resulting client engagement has been remarkable and the ensuing increase in business very apparent.”

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Seamless integration with finova CRM plus:

Features included in your free trial

A safe and secure customer account

In-depth digital Fact Find to ease onboarding

Real-time status updates to keep clients informed

Document upload to speed up the application process

Document acknowledgement to publish documents

Digital signatures

Automated email reminders to complete tasks

Exciting new features coming soon

Customisable Fact Find

Secure messaging

Biometric ID verification

Open Banking

Credit reports

Appointment management


Using your finova Client Portal

We have a range of educational resources to help you and your team get up and running, quickly and easily, with the finova Client Portal.

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Invite your clients to the client portal

This guide will show you how to give your client access to the Client Portal from within the finova Broker CRM.

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finova Client Portal Screenshot

Set up the Client Portal to allow your customers to upload secure documents

This guide will show you how to configure supporting documents within the finova Broker CRM to link to the Client Portal for secure client uploads.

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finova Client Portal Screenshot

Adding the Fact Find to your Client Portal

This guide will show you how to make the Fact Find in the finova Broker CRM available on the Client Portal and send documents for acknowledgement.

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finova Client Portal Screenshot

Setting up documents for E-Signature

This guide will show you how to set up your documents in the finova Broker CRM to allow an E-Signature or Acknowledgement within the Client Portal.

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How to map and use Case Tracking

This guide will take you through the process of mapping a product workflow stage in your finova Broker CRM against the status workflow on the Client Portal.

Join the Webinar

We're running several educational webinars about using the finova Client Portal. Each webinar will cover:

Providing a Client with access to the Client Portal
Producing Acknowledge and E-Sign documents for the Client Portal
Mapping CRM Stages to Client Portal Statuses
Issuing the CRM Fact Find to the Client Portal
Linking your CRM Supporting documents to Client Portal for Clients to upload
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Frequently asked questions

Is the 60-day free trial available to everyone in my team?

Yes! You and everyone in your team who has access to the finova CRM system can make the most of the finova Client Portal, completely free for 60 days.

What happens at the end of the 60-day free trial?

At the end of the trial our Sales Team will contact you to see if you would like to continue using the Client Portal. There is no obligation to continue after the trial.

How much does the finova Client Portal cost?

The Client Portal costs £30 per month for a single licence and £10 per month for each additional licence.

How much do e-signatures cost?

You can use 15 digital signatures per month completely free and it costs 35p per document thereafter.

How do I add my company logo and colours?

You’ll be unable to add your own logo and colours during the free trial, however the paid subscription is fully customisable, allowing you to brand the Client Portal in line with your business.

What should I do if I need more support with the Client Portal?

We have a range of resources available on this page, as well as a several educational webinars to help you get started. You can also book a one-to-one training session with our Support Team.

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We’d be happy to help you make the most of your 60-day free trial. Send us a message with any questions you might have or to arrange a training session with our specialist broker support team.

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