apprivo2 originations platform

State of the art originations platform

Take control of your banking software with finova’s core banking platform, Apprivo², designed to improve your speed to market with faster implementation and quicker on-going change.


One SaaS platform with the broadest range of financial products available on the market

Apprivo2 is an award-winning, fully customisable origination platform developed for banks, building societies and other lenders operating on a multi-sales channel model. Use Apprivo2 to effortlessly power the complete end-to-end origination journey across a range of financial products.

Supported lending types
Residential mortgages
Residential mortgage
First time Buyer
Right to buy
Family assist
Shared ownership
Shared equity
Retirement Interest only
Limited company mortgages
Residential buy to let
Limited company buy to let
Consumer buy to let
First time landlord
Let to buy
Specialist lending
Second Charge
Property Development
Semi Commercial securities
Sharia Law
Deposit accounts
Junior ISA
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Configuration as a service

Take control of your core banking operations


Create and manage your own product changes quickly and independently.

Speed to market

Enter the market or expand your services quicker with our out-the-box lending and savings journey.

Scale your business

Broaden your business’s reach with a range of intuitive, low code modules.

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Visual underwriting engine

Process applications with market leading underwriting

finova’s SaaS banking platform is a full underwriting system with market leading self-service and self-configuration capabilities.

A woman looking at two computer screens displaying the Apprivo2 Software
Case management: Full case management for underwriting
Agile Kanban board to track case and manage workflow
Workflow and task management to manage your team activities
Rules engine for all affordability and eligibility requirements
Document engine to control all your documents creation and changes
Product engine to define, implement and launch your own products

With our powerful core banking platform, lenders can react in the market quicker than their competitors.

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Configurability as a service

Modular by design

Apprivo2 is comprised of 6 key configurable modules which help to deliver a fully integrated and streamlined origination journey that meets your operational processes, giving you greater control.

Select one of the modules below to find out more

All the building blocks for great products

Independently and efficiently manage your businesses’ product catalogue within a matter of hours rather than days or weeks.
Easily launch new products and amend or retire existing products to maintain competitiveness and respond to sudden market changes.
The financial product engine seamlessly integrates with the document engine to produce offers and illustrations.
Apprivo2 products engine screenshot

Paperwork without the paper

Use our Documents Module to create a frictionless mortgage journey for your customers. The module generates and stores every document and letter needed throughout the origination journey, making it easier to complete the admin for each case.
All documents can be signed by the applicant digitally and the system provides a certificate of authenticity for audit purposes.

Smart workflows

Our powerful Check Flow Module has 2 key functions:
1. Workflows and checklists: The module allows you to set your own automatic workflows and checklists for processing applications, for greater operational efficiency and enhanced due diligence checks.  
2. Policy shields & warnings: Flags any potential risks within an application and alerts your team on a visual dashboard, helping to reduce manual processes and save considerably effort.  
Apprivo smart workflows screenshots

Collect the data you need

Collect customer data quickly and accurately with our Forms Engine Module. Build your own custom forms with a range of field and data types and full validation.
Use custom branding to match your company’s visual identity.
The Forms Engine Module integrates with the Documents Module to produce printed material from custom forms.
Apprivo forms screenshots

Decisioning made easy

Defines complex decision rules with our intuitive MAPPR module. The module allows you to set your own lending rules which are automatically applied throughout the application process, for greater risk management and operational efficiency.
The module also helps to map third party data sets into Apprivo2 from credit reference agencies, Open Banking and APIs.
Apprivo2 mappr editor screenshot

Make Apprivo2 your own

Apprivo2 is an API first by design, allow customers to ingest data, initiate workflows and retrieve documents through a secure exposed API layer.
Apprivo2 is an open-source platform giving you the ability to seamlessly connect to any third party system to enrich its capabilities.
Gain access to your data, to drive business MI, regulatory reporting and further integrate Apprivo2 into your overall ecosystem.
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A couple shaking hands and smiling with their broker

Empowering the future of lending

Optimo’s revolutionary decision engine empowers lenders to make faster, well-informed decisions, optimise product offerings, and enhance time-to-market for new pricing strategies.


Innovation is at the heart of everything we do

Customer engagement

Engage your borrowers and savers

Broker Portal
Onboard and manage your Intermediaries efficiently with our broker portal. Brokers can easily submit new applications within the portal, helping your business manage its application pipeline more efficiently.
With Apprivo2’s automated decisioning capabilities, your brokers will quickly find out if an application has been approved, with an ESIS generated in as little as 15 minutes.
Customer Portal
Simplify the originations journey for your borrowers with our customer portal. Designed for execution only applications, including product switch, the portal empowers your customers to manage their own applications.
Find out how Apprivo2 can help your business efficiently manage applications.
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Intermediary Manager

Create your own API economy

Open architecture is at the core of Apprivo2, allowing you to seamlessly and quickly connect to the technology of your choice.  Integrate with internal systems and applications for rapid straight through processing and greater operational efficiency.  

finova Core Banking Integrations Diagram
Learn how Apprivo2 can integrate with your existing systems
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Lending types

Our award-winning software covers all origination requirements for the widest selection of financial products including:

Residential mortgage
First time Buyer
Right to buy
Family assist
Shared ownership
Shared equity
Retirement Interest only
Buy to let
Residential buy to let
Limited company buy to let
Consumer buy to let
First time landlord
Let to buy
Property Development
Semi Commercial securities
Sharia Law
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Born in the cloud

Apprivo2 is a fully cloud-first banking system

Low code for easy configuration and implementation
Rapidly scale your infrastructure as your business grows
Roll out new changes without impacting current operations
Easily stay up to date with latest features and capabilities
99.99% uptime and increased security
An abstract cloud background with an network overlay and Apprivo2 icon

Industry experts, technical expertise

We are a trusted technology partner to over 60 lenders in the market.


Your trusted technology partner

We have partnered with over 60 lenders from across the financial services sector -
have a look at some of the clients we work with.


Go to market quicker with the finova mortgage & savings mobile app

In this new era of digital banking, a robust mobile banking app is needed more than ever before.

Open Architecture

Designed to fit into your business

finova’s Core Banking Platform is built to simplify connections to third-party software and your existing technologies. Our open architecture ensures seamless integration with your systems and services.

What our clients say

"We were very impressed with the powerful and customisable Apprivo² platform. The new system will help us further improve our service experience for demanding customers and brokers with complex needs. It represents a step change into the future and keeps us at the forefront of our market place."

"It was important that we used software house that not only understood the market in which we operate, but had an excellent grasp of the complex processes involved to underwrite cases and to interface with multiple third party systems."

A couple shaking hands and smiling with their broker

A streamlined process for managing Intermediaries

Discover how The Cambridge Building Society are utilising Intermediary Manager to build closer relationships with their brokers.


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Chris Little
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Chris Little

Chris Little is Commerical Director at finova, looking after the business’ corporate strategy for lending and banking solutions. In his role, Chris leads all business development and commercial activity, ensuring that finova retains its edge in the market.

Prior to joining finova, Chris founded and launched BEP Systems – the market leading origination platform in the UK’s lending sector which is now part of finova’s Core Banking offering.

Scale your business faster with Apprivo².