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Transform your customer experience with a fully branded digital portal

Unlock a new era of customer engagement with the Apprivo Customer Portal. Built for operational efficiency and collaboration, our portal is designed to empower both you and your customers.

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Modernise the way customers interact with their accounts

Create a unique online presence and enable customers to self-manage anytime, anywhere with our secure online customer portal.


Power your customer portal with finova

Efficiency redefined

Streamline your operations and reduce operational costs by empowering customers to self-serve.

Collaborative excellence

Foster better communication between your team and customers with secure messaging and streamlined document submissions.

Sleek online experience

Your customers deserve a user-friendly portal that reflects your brand. Apply custom branding to reflect your brand imagery and colours.

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Key features

All the features you need to offer a secure, easy-to-use portal

24/7 account management

Empower your customers with 24/7 access to mortgage details and a user-friendly portal for managing multiple accounts.
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A man holding a debit card whilst looking at a laptop screen

Payment convenience

Enable seamless payments to any linked account, enhancing financial control and flexibility.

Secure communication

Ensure confidential and convenient communication with secure messaging and streamlined document submissions.
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A man holding a phone that shows the savings goals screen

Financial forms simplified

Request and allow customers to complete income and expenditure forms online, streamlining arrangements for those facing financial difficulty.

Personalisation and security

Allow customers to update personal details, contact preferences and security settings.
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Layer with your existing service provider

Connect effortlessly with your existing servicing provider for a cohesive experience. API integrations ensure customer data is synchronised across your business.

Illustration of the Apprivo Customer Portal linking via an AP I to a servicing system
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